Shelled walnut

Walnut kernels, 100% french origin

Also called the "Dauphiné walnut kernels", they are selled and can be eaten throughout the year in different forms (halves, broken and fragments) and off different colors (white and amber).


Half: fruit of a walnut separated into two parties substantially equal and intact

  • Halves wide: Walnut kernels of a calibre greater than 19mm
  • Halves chabertes: Walnut kernels of a size smaller than 19mm

Broken: part of a half chipped which can be of different sizes

Fragment = Minced: chips of walnut kernels whose size is between 6 and 12 mm (for 90% of the products).

différentes formes cerneaux


White: walnut kernels uniformly colored to pale from light straw (except lemon yellow)

Amber: walnut kernels in dark straw-color to light brown (including lemon yellow)

couleur cerneaux

Walnut kernels Packaging

A complete range of packaging for kernels can meet the expectations of professionals (wholesalers in bakery, pastry, restaurants..., specialists in dried fruits,...) and consumers.
It is composed of:
  • 12.5kg and 15kg Bulk white boxes with cleanliness pocket.
  • 1kg, 2.5kg and 5kg Polyethylene pockets under modified atmosphere
  • 5kg Aluminium Pockets under modified atmosphere
  • 1.8kg Cans under modified atmosphere
  • 125g Cello Bags (brand Alp' Noix and distributors')