Inshell and shelled walnuts

Fresh or dried inshell walnuts and shelled walnuts: we are the specialist of the 100% French walnut!

Since 1929, Coopenoix works with growers to offer a complete range of products of the highest quality:

  • Grenoble walnuts PDO, recognized for its incomparable flavor
  • Certified Organic Agriculture inshell and shelled walnuts
  • French varieties of inshell walnuts (Franquette, Mayette, Parisienne, Fernor or Lara)
  • Shelled walnuts from the Dauphiné in half or broken parts, to enjoy all over the year
  • Fresh Lara walnuts very much appreciated by gourmets for their unique and delicate taste

Coopenoix offers a wide range of packaging fitting the needs of its customers and exports its products throughout Europe.

Learn more about walnuts...

Walnuts are nuts produced by the walnut tree. The fruit of the walnut tree is a drupe (a fleshy stone fruit) which is composed of a fleshy part called 'husk' (used in dyeing for example) and a stone: the walnut.

The walnut comes in the form of shell which measures usually from 3 to 4 cm and 4-5 cm long. Inside the hull, there is a 'pit' which is composed of two walnut kernels.

There are many Walnut varieties: Franquette (the oldest), Mayette, Parisienne, Lara, the Corne, Marbot, the Jewel, the Gourlande... Only a few varieties are allowed for the production of the Grenoble walnuts P.D.O.

Very appreciated for its flavor, the walnut is also recognized for its nutritional value: rich in polyunsaturated lipids (including the 'famous' omega-3) and antioxidants (melatonin and phenolic compounds) it also has a good magnesium and fibre content and also contains vitamins (E, B3, B5, B6). Thanks to this nutritional profile, it is a very interesting nut from a dietary perspective and for the prevention of cardiovascular risks.

Present in the wild in Africa and Eurasia, the walnut tree has been domesticated a long time ago in Europe and since antiquity, the walnut has been popular and demanded by the Greeks and wealthy Romans for its delicate taste. In the middle ages walnuts had in France a very important value and in particular walnut oil which was considered as precious as gold!