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General conditions of use of the site

1. definitions

Author : any natural person who created the elements present on this site, including authors of the texts, graphic designers, model makers and designers of the tree.
Browser : client software to connect to the web sites.
Site : All of the resources available under the domain
User : Visitor of this Site and its information consumer.

2. right of databases

2.1 completeness of the website is defined as a database within the meaning of directive of 11 March 1996 and its transposition into french law in the Act of 1 July 1998 (art.)L.341 - 1 et seq.). As such, COOPENOIX exclusively authorized uses and access defined in paragraph 3 copyright below.

2.2 any use or extraction of elements of the Site not authorized by COOPENOIX is unlawful and criminally sanctioned by the offence of counterfeiting referred below.

3 copyright

3.1 all elements of the site, including: graphics, wallpapers, images, diagrams, logos, identifying elements, are also the subject of an intellectual property right of COOPENOIX in respect of the copyright on these items or on the site as a work of author or as a database.

3.2 all texts reproduced on the site are the property of their authors. The use of these is carried out under the usual conditions of copyright law as defined by the french intellectual property code, and comply with international agreements.

3.3 authorized uses of the texts on this Site are as follows:
-Reproduction strictly reserved for the private use of the copyist and not intended for collective use.
-Reproduction, dissemination or representation for the purpose of professional information on non-digital media, on the express condition do not modify works and mention the source (this Site) and authors.
-Short quotations: are lawful short quotations of the texts present on the Site to the extent that they are integrated into a new work on the condition of not changing the cited works of formally establish the zones (quotes by quotation or distinctive typography) and mention the source (this Site) and the authors.

3.4 any other exploitation of the texts present on the Site, including republication on other sites, Internet or intranet assumes the COOPENOIX agreement and concerned authors.

3.5 any exploitation, even on a private basis, of the whole or of a substantial part of the site assumes the COOPENOIX agreement, in accordance with the provisions of art. L.342 - 1 of the code of intellectual property.

3.6 any breach of the rules of copyright or database right is liable to criminal sanctions in respect of the crime of counterfeiting, without prejudice to any claims for damages on the part of the holders of rights.

4 law of trademarks

All trademarks mentioned on this website belong either to COOPENOIX or to organizations that have filed and are mentioned only for identification.

5. Hypertext links to this website

Any installation of hyperlinks to one any pages from this site is free, provided that they open in a new window and are presented in an unequivocal manner to avoid:
-any risk of confusion between the site citing and this Site;
-as well as any submission tendentious, or contrary to the laws in force.

6. Personal data - CNIL

8.1 destination of collected information: in accordance with art. 27 of the law of January 6, 1978, as part of the subscription to the newsletter, personal data are only collected for internal use: management of the COOPENOIX letter.

8.2 right of access: the exercise of the right of access and correction provided by law may be exercised at the above address or by email to

8.3 declaration of the site: this Site and the processing of these data was the subject of a regular declaration to the CNIL under n ° 1792580.


"The information collected are subject to electronic data processing aimed at producers and customers of COOPENOIX newsletters The recipients of the data are: the commercial service and technical COOPENOIX pole.

In accordance with the law "informatique et Libertés" of January 6, 1978, as amended in 2004, you have a right to access and rectify information concerning you, which you can exercise by contacting

You can also, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of data about you.

7. Liability

9.1 COOPENOIX cannot be held responsible for material errors which in materials on the Site, despite all the care taken in their publication.

9.2 COOPENOIX cannot be held responsible for the defective transmission of data due to the various networks of the Internet or incompatibilities due to the user's browser.

8. Translation

COOPENOIX provides 6 versions of the site in french, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch. Despite all the care taken to translations, may that errors remain. If you detect errors, thank you to inform us by indicating the url of the relevant page, at
For other languages, COOPENOIX displays the link to the application Google translation service for which COOPENOIx cannot guarantee the proper functioning.

11 technical recommendations

All COOPENOIX efforts tend toward the greater compatibility of access to its site on the most common interfaces and most used browsers, including smartphones and Tablet PCs. It may be that despite all the care we put in its development, certain configurations have not been tested. If you experience any difficulty in accessing the site, thank you contact us indicating the type of materials used, computer, screen, browser (version) at