The growers

Also called « nuciculteurs » nut growers

The exemplarity of French agriculture

COOPENOIX, ce sont plus de 400 producteurs adhérents et une centaine de producteurs indépendants répartis sur un territoire exceptionnel. Trois départements sont concernés : Isère, Drôme et Savoie. Les nuciculteurs sont de vrais professionnels qui cultivent leurs vergers dans un respect parfait des règles environnementales.

Under the leardership of the cooperative, many producers engaged into rational culture or, for some of them, engaged into GlobalGap certification .

Modernization of mechanical harvesting and drying process gave to these men and women the deserved growth to promote their tradition. And the protected designation of origin. D.P.O. Grenoble Walnuts fit perfectly in the tradition and culture of the Dauphiné.

One year at a
grower’s farm

Cutting, plantation, orchard maintenance
Manure, irrigation, mowing
Pest and disease control
Mechanical harvesting with severals passages under the trees
Washing, drying, sorting and delivery


Advantages of being a member of Coopenoix

  • Transparency of approval (real time presence of the grower while walnuts entries controls)
  • Rigorous and rewarding quality policy
  • Technical support (2 dedicated technicians and technical groups)
  • Quick and planned payments to growers
  • Efficient production station (IFS certified)
  • Dynamic sales department
  • Innovative packaging range
  • Regular information to growers (dedicated website and internal publications)
Be part of the adventure! The cooperative is a major player in the walnut industry in France and in Europe.

Cooperatives are major companies in the agrifood industry. They have a positive impact on local economies and represent a model of solidarity, sustainability and respect for the environment.

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