Production tool

The cooperative is located in the city of Vinay in the heart of the "Noix de Grenoble" region and benefits from great production facilities, allowing very early marketing of their inshell walnuts (first expeditions as early as mid-October).

Production figures, inshell walnuts:

  • 200 tons walnuts per day reception capacity. (with strict inspection of deliveries)
  • 2300 tons of walnuts storage capacity (in silos and bins).
  • 180 tons per day calibrating capacity (on 2 independent lines).
  • Sorting by wind tunnel (evacuation of empty nuts and pieces of shells)
    and manual sorting (sorting of dark and broken nuts)
  • 150 tons per day packaging capacity.
  • 500 pallets packed storage capacity on shipments platforms
  • About 750 tons shipments per week between October the 15th and November the 30th

Coopenoix is known for its high reactivity and its ability to respond to customers who wants to be delivered in large volumes over very short periods

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